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The Sainte-Croix Cathedral, heir to the history of Orléans.
Listed as a historical monument since 1862, the large Sainte-Croix d’Orléans cathedral has survived through the ages.
Built around 330AD, it owes its name to a supposed fragment of the real cross of Christ, faithfully conserved in its wall.
It was in the 11th century that the church was promoted to the title of a cathedral, under Roman influence.
Constructed too quickly during this time, it threatened to fall into ruin.
It was then that the Gothic style was increasingly on the rise, and in 1288 the new construction began.
During the Wars of Religion opposing Catholics against Protestants, the cathedral of Orléans was the scene of a violent pillage, and the 4 pillars collapsed, causing the bell tower, the choir vaults and the nave to fall too.
On his return from signing the Edict of Nantes, King Henri IV promised to rebuilt this emblem of Orléans.
The cathedral was rebuilt at the instigation of the Queen Marie de Médicis from 1601, to finish in... 1829, under Charles X.
The Second World War is also responsible for its current state, for the bombardment of Orléans in 1940 has had a significant impact, for example, it is responsible for the fact that access to the two towers is still prohibited to the public today.
Without a doubt, the Cathedral of Orléans will make you travel through time.
Map of the route from the hotel to the Cathedral of Orléans
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The Hôtel Antares*** is situated 10 minutes by car from the Saint-Croix d’Orléans cathedral.