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Orléans Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross, heiress of the History of Orléans.

Classified as a historical monument since 1862, the grande Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d'Orléans, has survived through the ages.

Built around 330 AD, it owes its name to a "piece" of the true cross of Christ, religiously kept within its walls. It is in the 11th century that the church is raised to the rank of cathedral, under a Romanesque influence. Built too quickly at that time, it was threatening to collapse into ruins. It was then that the Gothic style became more and more important and in 1288 the new construction began.

During the religious war between the Catholics and the Protestants, the Orleans cathedral was the scene of an imposing sacking as the 4 pillars collapsed, causing the fall of the bell tower, the vaults of the choir and the nave. On his return from the signing of the Edict of Nantes, King Henry IV promised to rebuild the symbol of Orléans. The cathedral was rebuilt at the instigation of Queen Marie de Medici from 1601 to end in... 1829, under the eyes of Charles X.

The Second World War is also responsible for its present state, since the bombing of Orleans in 1940 leaves such traces that the access to the two towers is still forbidden to the public today.

Without any doubt, the Orleans Cathedral Cathedral will make you travel in time.

Itinerary from the hotel to the Orleans Cathedral

The Brit Hotel Orléans St-Jean de Braye - Antares*** is located 10 minutes by car from the Saint-Croix d'Orléans Cathedral.